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Hi leader!

Shape an environment where your team can thrive, is motivated AND healthy to work. Create a high energy level for yourself to manage the ever increasing challenges.

Is everyone around you exhaustedIs the team spirit missing and are you looking for inspiration to change that?

Get yourself support as leader and start with 8 individual sessions, get knowledge and tools to lead your team the healthy way with a higher energy level.

Be part of LEAD by EXAMPLE a mental health based leadership training. Learn in 8 modules the foundation of future of work inspired leadership. 8 individual 1:1 sessions with real usecases to make sure you can sustainably integrate all tools in your day-2-day.

Invest in a relationship with yourself!

We all have the tendency to put others first, but the question is, can we really be successful, if we have no connection with ourselves?

You want to be fulfilled and healthy, to achieve your mission in a brave and curious way? 


What's on offer?



Get access to Julias knowledge on how to build teams and what tools to use when. Understand how to navigate this world and what's needed to become an agent of change.


Individual access

We'll sit together for 60mins for 8 weeks (or in your own rhythm) and will discuss your use cases. We'll check together what's best for you on you'll receive 'homework' with tools that'll help you to accelerate faster.



Get access to more knowledge and inspiration with an individual workbook you'll receive every session!

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Why you should work with Julia?

I started hiring my own team at the beginnings of my 20s which leaves me with more than 12 years experience. During my time at Amazon I've had the opportunity working on international projects and leading five different countries and I experienced how important communication and strategy are.

Learning how to swim in a very high competitive environment wasn't the easiest but allows me to give you all the support you need to perform. I have worked relentless, got trained in stress management, Yoga and more to now be able to switch my perspective faster and lead on my own terms. 

I challenge people and I enable and empower them. I want you to learn how to deal with stress as I believe future leaders are the ones navigating us through those uncertain times. 

Perform better whilst being able to deal better with stress. I hope everyone understands that doing nothing is not an option. We don't need more leaders with burnout!

Get in touch and let's chat. Let's see if we are compatible and if I am the right person for you!

LEAD BY EXAMPLE - leadership and mental health

Why you should get this training for yourself and let your team member benefit?

You want the best for your team members? You want them to be able to set and keep boundaries? You want to learn how to communicate on eye-level as well as being clear and transparent? 

You want to have it all - a private life, be healthy as well as a steep career?

Then this training is for you!

Learn to set and keep boundaries and empower your team doing the same

Learn to communicate in a clear, transparent way on eye-level and with less misscomunication

Create balance: your private life, your health as well as your steep career

Stress and mental health...

...are connected. Even if you were perfectly prepared to take on the leadership role which most of us are not. How stress resilient are you? How well equipped do you feel taking decisions based on your own mental health as well as the one from your team? Do you feel they all can perform at 100%?

Future Leader - build your blueprint!

Future skills needed: empathy, emotional intelligence, trust, curiosity,... 

Learn how to motivate others and be visionary at the same time. This sandwich position is challenging but one of the key roles in a company. To make the transition happen we need to focus on our leaders.

Become a Future Leader - lead by example.




A mental health based leadership training, that puts your needs in 1:1 sessions at the top of your list. You'll learn tools that will help your team and company to make the transformation happen.

Become an agent of change - a future leader with focus on empathy and emotional intelligence.

I will equip you with tools and methods to achieve your goals and be the leader who is enabling other to drive change.

Duration: 8 weeks

Location: Digital

Pricing: 1.199€

* Price plans available

What's on offer?

In short:

8 weeks Bootcamp

  • 1:1 live sessions once a week

  • Workbook with more inspiration and future of work content

  • Modul 1: Values, goals

  • Modul 2: Communication

  • Modul 3: Feedback

  • Modul 4: Conflicts

  • Modul 5: Delegate, motivation and mental health

  • Modul 6: The why of your team

  • Modul 7: Roles and strengths in your team

  • Modul 8: Your leadership compass

Why you should invest into this training?

This world is becoming more complex and stress is on the rise. There's no other way than investing in your own development. With external support you'll be able to better empower and enable your team members. 

Learn to cope better with stress and how to resolve conflict. Understand how to empower and enhance your team whilst focussing on strategically positioning your team within the company.

Become an Agent of Change and be a role model for others!


Julia's expertise was eye-opening for the whole team and helped us stay focus on the challenges we were facing to solve them. Julia brought changes in many different levels and many perspective. I was also lucky to have individual coaching sessions with Julia to help me reinforce my role and influence within the company.

Act Now!

Start investing in your development - learn tools, to stock up your toolbox with different methods and to navigate your team through the VUCA world. Prioritize the your teams satisfaction and shape high-performing teams.

Create routines for yourself and get inspirations for your team.

Get access to on-demand content, to be inspired even further.

1:1 sessions and coaching to help you achieve your goals in a sustainable way.

Grab yourself this special low price and start shaping your team and your whole organization from within.

The training is for you, if

you want to become the leader you always wanted yourself

you want to be a role model for others

you want to lead teams the healthy way and prioritize your own health too

you really want to drive change and become a future leader


Get yourself a free meeting with me and check for yourself if this is what you need right now!

Join the Club

Get yourself free tips and tricks, as well as free yoga sessions and more in my newsletter. Get yourself the mental well-being guide!

Masterclass (only in German)

Die Arbeitswelt verändert sich und es werden generell (sehr) viele Anforderungen an Führungskräfte gestellt. Häufig werden Führungskräfte nicht oder nur unzureichend ausgebildet und es scheint nie Budget für Weiterbildungen da zu sein, obwohl eben jene Führungskräfte mit der wichtigsten Ressource im Unternehmen betraut werden. 🤯 Deshalb gibt's von unserer Seite Unterstützung.

4 Masterclasses mit unterschiedlichen Themen, die dir dabei helfen dein Führungsgame auf ein neues Level zu heben. Und das Beste? Es kostet dich keinen Cent!

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