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Build a culture that attracts talent!

If only one thing is for sure it's that the world won't turn back and won't change at a slower pace. We need companies, employees and leaders, who are resilient, curious and motivated to shape the transformation of company culture.

Mission unwind your mind

We make your organisation future-ready! We train future leaders. We support entrepreneurs and founders to build future-proof organisations and teams. It's about responsibility and accountability for yourself as well as your team. Be a mental health ambassador and actively shape the future of work! 

On a mission to shape the future of work and it's workforce.

What future skills do our future leaders need?

  • Individual sessions for leaders with focus on mental health

  • Training and development of tools and future skills like resilience, communication, conflict management and more

  • Access to our academy (holistic stress mangement)

  • Workbook per session


Workshops, Keynotes

  • Setting impulses and building routines

  • Deep dives for offsites or general workshops

  • Stress has an impact on all of our lives which is why companies need to make an effort to offer strategies for coping. 




Your individual Blueprint

  • Consulting for the future of work (Employer Branding, HR Marketing, culture organisation, leadership development)

  • A resilient workforce for a better performance (stress management, burnout prevention, stakeholder management)

Benefit from Experience

I am Julia, the founder of unwind your mind and my mission is to shape the future of work as well as the future workforce. The world around us is rapidly changing and whilst I love change I realized how many people and organizations struggle. I come from a business background and have been leading countries and projects for international operating companies. Increasing ROI and numbers whilst supporting people with their mental and physical health has been my destiny for a long time now.

There's a huge shift and focus on mental health, unfortunately burnout numbers and more continue to rise - why? Because we try from an angle that's not working. We need processes and structures (same as in change management) and easy-to-use tools. If we let people only talk about theoretical models we'll never be able to actually change as most of those trainers never were in a position of receiving hundreds of emails every day. I'll connect the dots for you and build bridges in between. I am a certified stress management trainer, as well as certified yoga teacher and again come with over a decade of business experience.



Without any self-responsibility nothing will change! Whilst most companies think they can offer benefits and everything will be solved - do I believe that this is NOT a one-way street! We all want to perform but not at any price, not just to resign because of burnout. 

We need trained leaders, teams who provide room for growth and development as well as companies with clear processes and goals.

The future of work is focused on humans. We need skills like empathy and creativity.

Want to transform your leader, team or the whole company?


Day Workshop

In a small group of employees to work on their behaviour. We're creating a framework designed to provide them with a structure to create lasting and sustainable change from within.


2 hour Workshop

Ideal for teams to introduce the topic to them. It's about understanding stress as a process and inspiring them with short and easy -to-use impulses. Perfect during off-sites or other team activities simply to create a pathway towards well-being. 


1:1 Sessions

People need to take their health more seriously. A person that understands that everything's connected will be able to lead more effectively with more empathy as well as more motivation. Those 1:1 sessions with an holistic approach are perfect for everyone who doesn't know where to start.

We're here
to support you!

Our mission: Empower people with tools to enable them shaping the future.

  • training of leadership teams 

  • building stress resilience

  • the health of your employees

  • a sustainable company culture

  • building bridges between generations

Most of us already know stress is no weakness. We know how important balance is and most of the time know hot to get there. But only because we know doesn't mean we do it.

The number above however shows, that most of us in the end don't know where to start, to reduce exhaustion. Many of us don't know what to do to help their teams make health a priority.


Below you'll find an idea about workshops, people/companies like to run. Ideally, let's hop on a call as this is the better way to get an understanding.


Workshop Day

We need to change our behavior. We need to understand that in the end we're responsible for our actions and decisions - no one else is to blame. In this one day workshop we'll work on creating an individual routine and create a framework within example situations.


2 Hour Workshop

Our brain needs an upgrade. Stress management needs structure and clear processes. In this 2 hour workshop we'll create a plan to make sure everyone is able to really act upon their individual needs and wishes. 


1:1 Sessions

Work 1:1 with Julia and get the unique opportunity of creating efficient results within a short amount of time. Benefit from her experience in the international tech- and start-up environment as well as her own founding experiences. Whether it's mindful leadership, building teams or creation of team cultures with New Work approaches.

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