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Learn to manage your stress level and to regenerate yourself!

Your self-learn platform for holistic stress management and your healthy success. Get access to live online sessions, anti stress trainings and other programs that support you in learning to deal better with stress. 

Learn and practice relaxation techniques and yoga, get access to knowledge and learn to fight stress and burnout on your own. 

Stress less, perform better - keep in mind your health is your wealth!

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100% refund






Doing yoga only won't prevent burnout!

Is it your goal to age healthy?

You want to enjoy life NOW?



Your German public health insurance is covering the costs.

  • Everything in one place: education, movement, relaxation

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Become active & build routines (in groups)

Your back pain ends here!
Be part of the online studio for 22 cents/day.

Test our studio 7 days for free.
You can cancel anytime online. Your membership starts after the 7 day trial.


Yearly membership for


Get access for 12 months and take part in live sessions as well as other trainings and programs!

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Everything in one place - yoga and relaxation, practical tips for daily use in our newsletter, packed programs with easy-to-use tools and methods!

Get a 100% refund

from your German public health insurance!

What to expect in our academy?


Online Studio

Get access to online live classes and recordings 

  • Yoga, Pilates, Meditation,...

  • flexible (when, where)

  • all levels (beginner, advanced,  in between, ...)



Die deeper into special topics  

  • 12 weeks anti stress program

  • Masterclasses

  • Community events

  • Live and as recording



Your virtual assistant 

  • Reminder

  • Challenges

  • Programs

Get in touch: hello(at)

Self care is your foundation!

Stress is ONE of the main triggers for health problems, sleep issues like insomnia and many other things. Wie have created an environment where the stress reaction is triggered much more often.

Did you know that stress impacts your whole system?


Dislocated disk
Heart attacks






Get your self care package at home.
Use essential oils for immediate impact:

You want to have something thats helping you with your rituals at home? Did you know that essential oils have an immediate effect on your limbic system? The smell relieve feelings of stress and help with your emotional well-being. This is why they are the ideal helper in your daily routine. Buy them with a 25% discount!


Create an evening routine for yourself and use essential oils to unwind your mind even faster. Shop those pure essential oils with a discount of 25% and get individual advice once they arrive.


Balance your nervous system. Learn to regulate your system better and use essential oils to have an immediate effect on your system. Shop those pure essential oils with a discount of 25% and get individual advice once they arrive.


The more focused you are the more efficient you can be. Use essential oils and observe how it gets easier to be and stay focused on a single task. Shop those pure essential oils with a discount of 25% and get individual advice once they arrive.

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Individual Session

119€ +Oil package on top

  • 2 * 0,5 hours 1:1 Session
  • Link to your individual oil package
  • 3 months free access to the academy
  • Wie hoch ist das zeitliche Investment pro Woche?
    Abhängig davon, wie intensiv du deine Aufgaben erledigst, liegt der zeitliche Aufwand zwischen 3 - 6 Stunden pro Woche. Unsere live Sessions finden Donnerstags 9.15 Uhr statt.
  • Wie läuft der Bewerbungsprozess ab?
    Du füllst unser Bewerbungsformular aus und erhältst innerhalb weniger Tage Bescheid, ob du einen Platz bekommst. Du hast dann 96 Stunden (4 Tage) Zeit deine Zahlung zu bestätigen und deinen Platz zu sichern.
  • Wie lange geht das Training?
    Das Training läuft 8 Wochen lang. Du hast auch danach noch Zugang zu den Inhalten.
  • Für wen ist das Leadership Training das Richtige?
    Das Training richtet sich an alle Frauen, die bereits in Führung sind oder Anstreben in eine Führungsposition zu kommen. Egal, ob im Mittelstand, Start-Up oder Konzern, egal, ob Gründerin, CEO oder Selbstständige wir brauchen mehr Frauen in Führung! Je diverser desto besser - unser Anspruch ist es dir Tools an die Hand zu geben und eine Werkzeugbox zu füllen, damit du entsprechend wirken kannst!
  • Wie kann ich mich bewerben?
    Bitte fülle diesen Fragebogen aus. Wir melden uns bei dir zurück, sobald wir einen Platz für dich haben.
  • Wie flexibel kann ich mir meine Zeit einteilen?
    Du kannst alles ganz flexibel einteilen bis auf die live Sessions, diese finden Donnerstags 9.15 Uhr statt. Wir haben uns bewusst für diese Uhrzeit entschieden. Alle anderen Sachen kannst du dir nach Belieben einteilen. Wir teilen dir im Vorfeld mit, wenn Hausaufgaben zur nächsten Stunde oder den darauffolgenden Wochen zu erledigen sind, damit du dir alles entsprechend einteilen kannst.
  • Wie viel kostet das Programm?
    Du erhältst ein Training mit Inhalten, die dich zu 100% auf einen Führungsalltag vorbereiten bzw. dich in der Durchführung bereits bestehender Alltage unterstützt. Das Programm verfolgt einen ganzheitlichen Ansatz mit Fokus auf mentales Wellbeing, Stressresistenz, emotionale Intelligenz und Führungskompetenz u.a. für digitales Arbeiten und New Work. In unserem Bewerbungslink erhältst du alle Informationen zu den Kosten.
  • How can I get a refund from my German health insurance?
    We're happy you are interested. The course is only available in German but you can buy the Yoga für den (Wieder) Einstieg - you'll get a discount code to use the academy for a year. After successfully finishing the course please send an email to: hello (at) you'll get a certificate and can hand it in to your health insurance. It only works with public German health insurances. If you have any questions get in touch!
  • How do I register for the Academy?
    Use a membership of your choice (monthly, yearly or bundle - soon available for English speaking people, too), create a profile using your email address and name or (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Account) and pay with your credit card. You'll get further instructions via email. If you are looking for another payment method please reach out via email (hello (at)
  • Did you check your spam folder?
    It sometimes can happen that our mails will be filtered into your spam folder - so please make sure to check! We're sending a WELCOME mail and you'll get an important mail every Monday morning. If for whatever reason you don't receive any mails send us an email to
  • Do I have to stay on board for minimum amount of time?
    Please note that your membership renews automatically and you can cancel at any time. If you want to cancel you go to your settings. Select Your Name's Account (this will display your First Name) Click Account Details. Click Manage Subscription Cancel Plan.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    You can pay via Paypal for one-time payments only. Otherwise we accept credit card for our memberships. If you want to pay in another way please reach out to us via email and we'll find a solution! (hello (at)
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    Log in to your account navigate to your account details (top right corner.) Select Your Name's Account (this will display your First Name) Click Account Details. Click Manage Subscription Cancel Plan.
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