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Üben Yoga

All-in-one platform

Benefits for Employees

Employees want flexibility, whether it's in the working hours, the way they work or in the benefits they can choose from.

This is the reason we've created our platform around flexibility.

People nowadays are really stressed. Due to the stress peoples immune system is impacted as well as their leadership capability and their creativity. The better we can deal with stress, the more everyone can benefit from it - companies as well as people. This is the reason we have created our anti stress academy. Our academy offers everything in one place and reduces the administrative effort on company level.

No one-fits-all approach, but an all-in-one platform.

You are looking for ...?

Online Studio

Whether it's livestream sessions in German and English or our huge on-demand videos. We offer something for everyone, for every level, even prenatal and postnatal, sessions without equipment and for small rooms. 


We offer short trainings to feedback, agility, mental health at work or detailed 12 weeks anti stress programs. Additionally companies can upload their existing trainings - an all-in-one platform. 


We need inspiration and need a.more human centric approach. We bring people together and offer building creating company tailored communities. We send newsletter to motivate and inspire our users. 


  • Livestreams in German or English for all levels. 

  • Shorter and longer sessions

  • Ideal for working from home or people being on travel a lot as you don't need a lot of equipment or space

On Demand
  • 100% flexibility

  • All livestreams are available on demand

  • Additionally training with our videos allow everyone apply their own pace and watch as often as they want

  • You look for individual offers?

  • We also support in planning events, workshop, retreats. Whatever it is you're looking for let us know and we're happy to help in creating the offer you need

Why Us?

Expert meets experience

Julia, our founder who worked for companies and taught yoga within companies in parallel knows both sides. Companies either face the challenge as not many people as expected are participating in the offered classes and employees are not happy as there’s no variety or flexibility.

The solution is simple. Create and offer a bigger variety with a higher percentage in flexibility at a low cost. An online studio for everyone. Users can chose to train live or with recordings. They can try new things and decide between yoga, movement or meditation. There’s definitely something for everyone. No shame or anxiety to show up in front of colleagues, to not be flexible enough or whatsoever. But a safe space for everyone who would like to start or needs motivation to stay on board - all paid by the employer.

Corporate Classes

You're looking for something more tailored to your needs?

Our online studio is flexible and accessible for everyone. No matter the company the classes are open to anyone with an account. In case you need a more tailored offer (e.g. a special team/department, etc.) we'll find a solution with our teachers for you. 


You want your employees get access to online yoga, pilates, meditation classes and much more? Then you'll definitely find something in our schedule.

In case you need something more individual you'll find what you're looking for with us as well.

Meet the Team

I am Julia and I am a certified Yoga- & Pilates teacher as well as a certified Autogenic Training and Progressive Muscle Relaxation trainer. My courses are certified by the German Health Insurance Association and are therefore tax deductible in Germany. 

After my first yoga teacher training I initially didn't want to teach but then found that this is a great balance with my 'normal' life working in HR.The last couple of years I have worked internationally on VP level and therefore know how to approach and communicate with various target groups. I am able to align with the needs and wants of the target group and will find a way for them no matter their experience level. 

With my current work experience I definitely know the impact stress can have on my system with all side effects. Which is why I can address all challenges that may occur during the process.


M.Sc. Economics (HR, Services, Innovations)

540 hrs Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance certified)

40 hrs Pre- & Postnatal Training

60 hrs Yin Yoga Training

90 hrs Pilates Training

32 hrs MBSR Training

80 hrs Relaxation/Stress Management Coach

(incl. Autogenic Training, Progressive Muscle Relaxation)

60 hrs Myofascial Release & Spine Anatomy


Our Clients

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