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Digital education and trainings for companies or teams ​

  • Sustainable daily life integration and creation of routines

  • 6 weeks long 

The Stress Phenomenon 

Stress is an important bio-chemical reaction that we need in order to survive. In general it's nothing bad. However in our Western society we made it a bad thing as we let stress become chronically. This unfortunately has a negative impact on our health - our body as well as our mind.  

The stress reaction is triggered differently and on an individual level. Most stress factors are in relation to social relationships and within the work environment.

We follow an holistic approach and convey theoretical input combined with practical experiences and solutions. Additionally we teach tools like yoga and pilates as well as breathwork, meditation, autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation. Julia herself was trained as a young leader and manager. She continued her training in several different topics and combines this knowledge in this training. All methods and tools that helped her as well as theoretical input will build the foundation every individual needs. 

  • 6 weeks with at least 1 live session/week

  • Deep Dives, questions, daily life situations

  • Every person gets the opportunity to learn from others but also to share him/herself that allows to focus on an individual approach

  • There's a special work book containing special excercises 

  • Additionally some theoretical parts will help everyone to go through important models again

  • Every person learns in a different way - some need to listen, others write or read and others need to talk about it - we cover it all

  • Our community is the core of it all 

  • People can find inspiration or accountability partners

  • It's about connection and the feeling that no one is experiencing this alone 

  • Besides theoretical input we offer yoga and meditation to actively reduce stress hormones 

  • It's about prevention and learning how to cope in an holistic way

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Some topics we'll cover are:

  • Feedback and communication

  • Conflicts and empathy as well as emotional intelligence

  • Stress the reaction and the stress cycle, trigger and limiting beliefs

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