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We position you as employer of choice.

The working world is changing rapidly and because of that companies face a lot of different challenges. Whether it's the well-being of the employees, the talent attraction or the overall transformation and transition that's happening. But where to start and which steps to do first? How to invest with the best return on invest and which steps are creating hockey stick moments? 

Are your employees exhausted? Do you want to educate or train your employees on skills needed in the ever-changing world? Want to focus on your leadership team and train them on skills that matter? 

We want to support you in a way you can be as successful as possible and will act on various levels. 

We offer:

  • Benefits for employees 

  • Trainings, workshops, keynotes 

  • Individual consulting  


Our Services

The demographic change is challenging us. All the more reason to invest in employees to retain and develop them. unwind your mind supports as holistic partner with an all-in-one solution. The well-being with Yoga, Pilates and Meditation as well as the development with trainings and the change of structures and processes. 

Benefits for Employees

Our Academy:

Are you looking for a solution for all of your employees that provides flexibility as well as high quality content? Do you want your employees to get access to movement, mental health sessions as well as educational trainings to learn how to manage stress in a better way? You don't want to hire new trainers for every single topic but reduce your admin effort?

Get in touch with us! We offer an holistic approach. We combine education, movement and mental health in one to work on sustainable results. Our mission is to provide access to everyone, whilst providing flexibility and high quality content. We want to empower employees to learn and grow themselves while offering content in various directions. 

Individual Request

Employer of Choice:

The war for talent as well as the demographic change requires companies to position themselves as an attractive employer of choice. But HOW is the question of the hour. Which points do you need to use to become more visible and to position yourself in the fitting target group? Besides those points being valid for the external view on the brand how about the internal view? What kind of processes need a makeover, what can you do to increase employee retention?

How does this all relate to stress management? It's simple: the way you treat your employees, the way you communicate with them, the investment you place in their well-being all has an impact on their stress levels. 

We're here to help you position yourself as employer of choice while investing in the things that matter for you as well as your target group.

Get in touch and grow together with us!

Workshops & Keynotes

Our Workshops:

You want to motivate your employees or provide insights in topics like stress management or how to work hybrid/remote? You want to up-skill your employees or educate your teams on special knowledge? Or you have a special format already established within your company and want to add some new insights?

Get in touch with us! We love to collaborate with you and figure out what you need.

We want to build bridges and find ways to reach goals more efficient with the resources you have. So get in touch and let us support you!

Leadership Training

To be Announced

What's on offer?


We're the one-in all coach solution for Yoga, Pilates, Meditation. Soon we'll be launching master classes, webinars and more to support users on all levels.


Easy access and scalable for you our online trainings. Curated content allowing users to learn in their own time and speed. Incl. workbooks,...


Whether it's workshops, keynotes, events, change management and integrating new processes - we here to support.

Let's create a better working world - together. 

No one can predict the future. What we know for sure is an increased demand for resilience due to the VUCA world. People need to be more flexible to react faster to changes. unwind your mind will be your partner. What it entails?

  • Individual resielince coachings & trainings incl. sparring for leadership

  • Workshops, keynotes, trainings, to get employees future-ready

  • Consultancy for Employer Branding, HR and L&D Strategie, company culture & well-being

  • Academy incl. access to Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxtion as well as deep dives and more tools/materials to learn and practice coping mechanisms and increase resilience (German health insurance certified for Yoga - you can expect tax advantages)

  • Any individual request :)




We're your one solution - offering fitness, trainings and learning opportunities. Benefit from one account and reduce your admin work.



Everything will take place online which offers the biggest chance for everyone. Participate from wherever and whenever, watch recordings and more.



Use those benefits and attract and retain talent. Additionally, you can benefit from our knowledge in Employer Branding and request individual help.



You're looking for individual help and support to cover your needs in the most effective way? Don't hesitate to get in touch.

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