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Hi, I am Julia!

Before you leave this page, I have this irresistible offer for you!

You'll find this nowhere on our website.

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Long story short... 

Maybe you are like me:

  • Career going strong 

  • People pleaser

  • Always include self care

  • But it's hard to say no...

I, personally, would love to have and get everything at the same time and ideally asap. Previously I  would overstep my boundaries and work until I collapsed.

In case you put everyone else first and have to put yourself last - this one is for you!


Work with me 1:1

I have always worked hard to achieve so many different goals. I have been going through ups and downs and have so many different trainings in different fields - additionally to my Bachelor/Master studies. I don't want to miss any of my experiences but whenever I had external help I was able to unlock things even faster and be more efficient.

So if you want to fast-track your personal growth - get in touch!

This offer can't be found anywhere on this website. so better get in touch now.

What you get:

  • 5 Sessions á 1 hour online for 499€

  • Themen: (Female) Leadership, Personal/Employer Branding, Start Up, Founding a Business, Yoga, Stress Management, Burnout prevention - yes, all the topics are different but this is how my life looks like

  • 30 min - Get-to-know Session (free of charge)

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