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We're super happy to have you with us in the academy!

We're having an exclusive offer for you!

You'll have the opportunity...

to get an exclusive coaching package with Julia.

Listen, working on yourself is exhausting and sometimes it can be super helpful to have someone on your side.

I, personally, started out on my own - trying to do it all and doing it all perfectly - to prove whomever. I only stopped because so many people around me started to collapse and were diagnosed with burnout. This is not the way you need to go through!

This offer can't be bought anywhere and is only accessible to a certain amount of people. So continue reading...

You'll get the chance and work with me privately in 1:1 sessions. And this is an absolute one-time offer:

  • 5 sessions for 499€

You'll get access to all of my learnings and my knowledge and fast track your development. 

Why should you work with me? Well you can choose the topic from tips as a (female) leader, founder or yoga teacher as well as finding routines and integrating tools into your daily life.

Book a free 30min call and see if it works.

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